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Northampton’s rising café culture sees new start ups, job growth and opportunity

Posted by Toni Jenkins on March 14, 2017
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Northampton café’s

Northampton is in the midst of a cultural and professional awakening. The city’s attractiveness for start-ups coupled with already well-established big businesses is seeing its professional clientele expanding. 2015 saw Northamptonshire home to a record number of business start ups, and late last year, longstanding Northampton based internet service provider DBFB said they will offer innovative and affordable gigabit speed internet services to Northampton businesses up to 100 times faster than the UK’s average, allowing businesses to future-proof themselves as their demand for bandwidth increases – due to roll out countywide this year. Alongside this, the city’s cafe culture is opening up collaborative workspaces between businesses. So what’s going on?

Wellingborough Road
Northampton’s growth seemingly knows no bounds. In particular Wellingborough Road is seeing a number of businesses and chains opening their doors, acutely acknowledging that the area is becoming a fantastic hub for businesses of all kinds. The council’s Business Incentive Scheme has helped Dapper Sandwich Company, Guerrilla Beer and Ground Craft Coffee to open within the last year, showcasing how Wellingborough Road is turning into a hive of culture and artisanal products. In turn, laptop-wielding students and local business owners now have new places to collaborate in – or stop for a quick lunch break.

Northampton Town Centre
Likewise, Northampton’s vibrant town centre is improving. The Business Improvement District initiative has meant businesses have been able to collaborate in local events, gain recognition and improve the town’s interconnectivity. Last year the Northampton Town Centre Artists Trail saw over 40 local businesses take part to encourage locals to explore local artists, businesses and the town itself. Because of this connectivity throughout the town, niche businesses are now cropping up like new start up Constant Equity, which specialises in helping other small businesses make that big business mark, utilising the niche capabilities of a small start-up while aiming for growth like a big business.

Portfolio Innovation Centre for Small Businesses
Offering young companies cooperative work spaces and a stimulating environment, the Portfolio Innovation Centre nurtures local business talent and innovation, championing creative business owners and entrepreneurs. Since humble beginnings in 2006, the Portfolio Innovation Centre has grown from a single-storey building to a three level hub with 46 offices. The Centre’s goal is to help small businesses by offering affordable rents, flexible leases and state of the art facilities, and keep design, digital and creative businesses within the county of Northamptonshire.

Growth Hub
The Northamptonshire Growth Hub has only been open for two years, but in that time has made a name for itself in securing support and guidance for new business start-ups. They’ve managed enquiries from over 2000 businesses, from helping business owners begin their journey to supporting established, growing businesses and helping others gain access to finance and skills. The Growth Hub even holds workshops and events, hosted by local business owners, discussing anything from marketing to media training for businesses. It is fantastic that in a time where a huge question mark looms over the economy, local businesses have somewhere that not only helps them, but their clients too. Northamptonshire is better off for it.

We look forward to another successful year, with business owners taking the leap to begin their dream start ups, with the back-up of funding, advice and local talent to help them on their way. And we’re teaming up with local businesses to offer great rates to their staff for room stays. Get in touch with us on 01604 945115 for information about our great deals!

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