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Serviced Apartments Vs. Hotels – Which One Would You Choose?

Posted by Toni Jenkins on August 18, 2017
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Serviced Apartments vs. Hotels

If you need somewhere to get a night’s sleep and store your bag in a locked room, then a hotel is a good choice. But for anything above the basics, a serviced apartment will offer so much more than a hotel room, at a significantly lower cost!

The amenities of home, away from home

One of the main advantages of serviced apartments is the amenities and the flexibility they give visitors. There are no set dinner times, the bar never closes, and you don’t have to hang a sign outside of your bedroom to let someone know you don’t want to be disturbed. The self-contained nature of a serviced apartment makes it more flexible in a basic kind of way – cook when you like, perhaps while watching a TV show, and enjoying a space that is completely yours. The psychological effect of staying away from home is great, and much more comforting in a “compartmentalised” and fully furnished apartment – with a kitchen, living area, bedroom, and bathroom, as opposed to a single hotel room. On top of that, you’ll likely get a full sized kettle. That’s a win in anybody’s book.

The space and separate rooms

One of the reasons that people are flocking towards serviced apartments is that they’ve become disillusioned with the traditional hotel setup: it doesn’t work particularly well for businessmen and women who need a space to either work or decompress, and neither do they work well for families on holiday that cherish separate rooms and spaces. The flexibility offered by serviced apartments means that you can close yourself off from other guests or areas, perfect for parents who want peace and quiet or someone away on business who needs to sink a few hours into their meeting notes.

Charges a upfront

With a serviced apartment, you’re paying for space. However many people happen to be staying in that space doesn’t affect the overall price of the stay, unlike hotel rooms that tend to charge a per-person fee. The charges are upfront – there’s no mini bar to be charged for, there’s no service charges (these are in the cost of renting the apartment). It’s a fantastically transparent and honest approach that won’t deter travellers. Apartments also offer a more flexible pricing structure, as the majority of people using them stay for over a week at a time, not to mention that on average, serviced apartments are 30% cheaper than hotel rooms, with a lot more space available for the money.

They’re sometimes in convenient and interesting locations

Serviced apartments also have the advantage of not being directly where the hotels are; they’re sometimes outside of town or city centres (and closer to businesses) and require less travel from local transport hubs like major airports or train stations than a hotel would do.

Need any further convincing?

iStay apartments are the flexible, home-from-home hotel alternative you’ve been looking for. Nestled in the culturally significant town of Northampton, our serviced apartments will make you feel as though you never want to leave! Call us today for a booking, or to find out what you can do for sightseeing when you arrive!

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