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Landlords & Property Investors


If you already own an apartment you wish to rent or you are looking to become a landlord for investment purposes, perhaps you have already considered having your apartment managed as a serviced apartment and enjoying the many benefits it brings.

If you haven’t, let us tell you why you should let iStay Serviced Apartments manage your property for you.



What is a Serviced Apartment?


A Serviced Apartment provides short & long term accommodation mainly to corporate and business travellers. Staff & business travellers working away from home for a long period of time prefer staying in apartments rather than hotels; but with the hassle of fixed tenancy contracts and bills for renting most people tend to choose a hotel instead.

Serviced Apartments have filled the gap in this market, allowing business travellers to book furnished accommodation for shorter periods of time without the hassle of contractual renting. 

As a Serviced Apartment Operator, we become tenants in your property and sublet the property out to our verified & trusted clients from local businesses on flexible terms.

Our job is to keep our apartments at a high living standard for our clients, and this is a key benefit to our landlords seeking investment opportunities. 



How does it benefit you?


Hassle Free, Guaranteed Rent Payments!

You’ll never worry about not receiving rent whilst your apartment is unoccupied or between tenants. 

We will pay you 100% rent every month whether it’s occupied or not!


No Agency Fees

Working with us directly as a Landlord means that you wont pay any agency related fees. As iStay will be your tenant, you have the satisfaction that a business will pay your rent each month. 

We source our clients and guests through secure & verified agencies in the same way as other sectors of the hospitality industry, so there are no associated fees in regards to us finding occupants. 

Regular Upkeep & Maintenance

We need our apartments to look incredible and function in the way our guests would expect. Because of this, we employ our own in-house maintenance & housekeeping team to regularly upkeep and maintain the high quality standard of the apartment. This ensures that your property is protected and regularly monitored unlike a regular tenancy.


Ready, set, SALE!

Let’s imagine your property has been running as a serviced apartment with iStay for 3 years. You’ve seen the market value of property rise and you’re ready to sell your apartment and cash out. Well, thanks to iStay your apartment will be looking fantastic and fit for new occupants immediately. 



Let’s Summarise!


So all-in-all:

  • You’ve made 100% rent on time each month
  • You’re property looks great and is in good repair
  • You’ve saved money by not having to pay agency fees
  • You’ve increased value in your investment in the property, ready for the future!

Now you know why so many landlords are looking to iStay Serviced Apartments to manage their apartments.

If you’re interested in joining our portfolio of landlords, contact us now for more information or to schedule an appointment!